Earth… Our Hearth and Home – For Stele…a dedicated lover of our planet!

Earth… our Hearth and Home

Some say, though, not for long

What could we be doing wrong?

The Caves and Crystal-clear waters of former days, give way to oil spills, antifreeze agents killing cats and kittens and carbon streams hacking their way through our ozone fairways.

Sure it’s been fine for a while to concentrate on the bottom line; and everyone wants to strive for a piece of the pie – The Great American Dream…Do or Die!; but at what cost to those living beings, to be so shortsighted in our everyday dealings? – Our immediate, coming trends coming to a cataclysmic  end, or our great-great grandchildren, reeling from this deadly game of pretend?…”Oh this world will never come to an end!- and I can keep up my ridiculous ravaging of mother earth’s bosom, while I take more and more!”  What fun!…dreaming that all’s well as the life drains from our lands, oceans and skies.  Is that the cost of taking a piece of the pie?  Is that the cost of sticking our heads in the sand?

This collision course moves us ever nearer to the point where one small mistake casts this world into a ball of flame or another ice-age.

Did you know that it only take 80 calories to move 1 cubic gram of water from 32 to 80 degrees?  Did you know that to unfreeze, it takes 80 calories to shift ice to liquid with no temperature change?  Once all the ice on earth is melted; temperatures will scream upwards even though little change; but even if that were not enough…have you heard about the exponential heat that will be generated by an uncovery of methane?

Earth…our Hearth and Home; or at least myself and few others hope it might remain so.