What’s a “fwoplusal”?

My father and many other members of the mad-man, Madison clan, would tell you that we have a history of people with artistic or scientific genius.  Now, whether that’s true, is not the point…the point is that our family is a bit on the eccentric side – although to be truly eccentric, don’t you have to be wealthy…the difference having been stated that a poor person is termed crazy; and the rich one – well, eccentric?  Anyway, with all that eccen-tricity running through the family genes, we were bound to come up with ways of doing things, and phrases all our own.

I’ve always admired people who are the first to coin things…to name them, or come up for a word that fits an idea or a concept or a symbol.  Issac Asimov is one of those of a rare breed, what I like aptly to call, the “Coiners”.  Now, I’m not for certain, here – but I think I recall that Mr. Asimov, in one of his billions of books – (not really, but he sure did write a lot!) – claimed that he had coined the term, “Robot”.  Again, I could be wrong – often times I am; and that makes me much more a diplomat than a genius; but then again, I could be right!

So, what’s a “fwoplusal”?  That’s a good question; and all I can really say, is that it’s more of a feeling – you see – as a kid, I got really frustrated and bashed things up a bit, when I couldn’t express exactly what I was feeling.  It was kinda like the word that’s at-the-tip-of-your-tongue – a vague, uneasy feeling that a word is dodging and darting and smacking you in the head and slapping you in the face, yet when you reach out, you’re just too slow and come up empty-handed.  That uneasy feeling happened a lot in my childhood and pissed me off a great deal – to see those puzzled expressions of my childhood playmates or even logical-seeming adults…was torture.  I mean, it seemed logical in my mind, and so it should be easily understood by others, huh?  So, again, what’s a “fwoplusal”?  A “fwoplusal” is a word that came to me when I couldn’t think of another word that embodied all that I wanted to say in one of my earlier posts.  A “fwoplusal” is a whole lot of stuff that on the surface, may seem un-connected, yet when you delve deeper, one slowly discovers the hidden web of inter-relatedness between them all.

I get “fwop”, from the Elmer Fudd accent on flop…to flop down, but the ‘w’ denotes packing a much bigger ‘wop’ into the ‘flop’ (for the ‘flop just wouldn’t do this particular expression of a concept justice), seeming to draw us to the conclusion that there isn’t just one thing we’re flopping down, but a whole bunch of stuff.  The “lusal”, part reminds me of refusal, and plural; like the refusal to be named, because there’s just too damned much junk in my head that seems unrelated, that I’ve studied, and the of course, not singular, but plural.  And finally, “lusal” also speaks to the way I feel at times – that I just might LOSE IT, if I can’t get the right word down in time to express what’s going on inside this convoluted brain of mine.


So, there you have it…the meaning of “fwoplusal”; in case you were interested.

A Focused Mind

As a kid, I was always curious – always getting into some kind of a trouble, or rather, should I say, adventure?  The classroom left me needing more.  I wanted to explore the world around me, but the rigidness of school frightened me.  I escaped by creating a world, set apart, all my own, in my imagination.  This world had certain rules.  One of them was:  I was always the hero.  The other was, I had to fight against something.  The last, unbending one was…I always got the girl.

With such an imagination, I was bound to see the world in a much different light than the rest of my classmates, and even my teachers, might.  I’m remembering back to one particular day, when I must have been either in, second or third grade, in Chesterfield, Virginia.  I had heard that you could take a magnifying glass, and by focusing it just right, you could light things on fire.

Well, as you can imagine, this made my little, pyromaniac-heart, go pitter-patter with gusto.  I set out to find whether this was true or not.  My first few attempts were utter failure.  I had spotted an empty, white cigarette pack, and awkwardly tried to angle my wrist so that the light from the sun would shine on it.

At first, I couldn’t even tell where the light was, how far away the lens needed to be – whether I was too close, or too far away.  But I kept at it, and eventually discovered that sweet spot, where you hover delicately – your hand inching in and out just slightly to focus light into a spot.  Only my spot looked more like the shape of a fan, or imagine a dot with rays shooting out from one side.  And even when I finally managed to get that spot pretty circular – the paper, cardboard of the cigarette pack, still wouldn’t burn – no matter how long I held my hand in place!  What a bummer…

As the minutes turned into a half hour or more, I began to see a pattern forming, for, I had given up on the pack for the moment, and wanted to try out my new-found spot producing lens on stuff like leaves and wood and stuff.

I picked up a green leaf and focused the sunlight.  Nothing seemed to happen.  Next, a piece of grass – still, no change.  Finally, I saw a dried up ol’ leaf and experimented on that.  Suddenly, something miraculous began to happen before my very eyes:  Where the spot of light was focused, I could have sworn that there was a dark circle forming on the leaf!  Staring at the spot of light for so long took a toll on my eyes, and so I rubbed them and moved the light away to check.  Sure enough, where the sunlight had been, now, was a charred spot a bit smaller than the spot of light that I had used.

Such a small victory; but such a sweet one!  I played around more and more, until I came upon this old brown log.  Almost immediately, I saw the effects:  Yet, this time, something even more amazing happened:  After focusing the light for, maybe, oh, 10-15 seconds, I heard this quick little muffled, “poof!”, and a red flame popped into existence, seemingly, right up out of the wood, itself.

Well, I could tell you that I was surprised and delighted, but that wouldn’t even BEGIN to describe how I felt right at that critical moment of discovery.

As a child, I learned a very powerful lesson that day:  That energy, focused, can effect things, where normally, no appreciable difference could be detected.

I carry this lesson with me to this very day.  As an adult, I still tend to believe as a child.  So you could say that I live in a fantasy world; or you could say that I simply have a strong mind and know how to utilize my imagination to the fullest.  Either way, what I’ve found to be true, is that a focused mind acts on thoughts nearly the same way that that magnifying glass worked on sunlight.  I’ve done a lot of private research on this.  Among the sources have been books on the practices of Yogis, martial artists, people who have mastered something of themselves, or a certain craft.  I have read a whole fwoplusal (my word, coined for exactly what I was trying to express) of material on the, “Law of Attraction”, numerology, the Tarot, hard sciences, meta-sciences, philosophy and such.  But what struck me as the most powerful evidence that any of this be true, was the massive number of wildly successful people who claimed that it was so.

To a focused mind; and all that jazz!

Clean Your Fridge…Flat $50. (Boulder, Longmont) – Craigslist Ad that I wrote…

This is a Craigslist Ad that I wrote to make money…

Calvin duplicating himself using a cardboard b...

Calvin duplicating himself using a cardboard box, as seen on the cover of Scientific Progress Goes “Boink” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Hello there! I’m leaving my cell number at the top for your convenience…720-369-7249

Imagine this: You pull open the fridge door, looking for something to eat or drink, and you’re confronted by the icky streaks of meat juice or just the gunk that builds up in the door and the sides of the fridge. You spot the fruit and vegetables that are growing mold; and whatever the leftovers are, you’re sure, just like in the ol’ “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip – something’s moving…it must be alive; but you don’t wanna look. You don’t wanna touch it. You don’t wanna even THINK about it! Yet, each and every time you open that door – that’s what you’re confronted with

….and it never goes away.

Now, THAT’s stress! And as much as we’d like to believe that what goes on behind closed refrigerator and freezer doors STAYS behind those doors; deep down inside, we know the truth…don’t we?

So give yourself a break and a new lease on a less-stress-induced life, and give me a call or send me an email. I’ll be waiting.

Down below are some real reasons to take care of this as soon as possible.

The sooner, the better you will feel…really!
So that you don’t turn your brain into mush just staring into a gaping abyss, trying to decide what to do next – thereby avoiding untimely brain damage to yourself and your loved ones
So you can find what you’re looking for.
The order will help you plan meals much more quickly and effectively
Fewer items in the fridge, mean that you’re less likely to miss eating the stuff that goes bad quickly
When you know what you’ve got and what you’ve not, it’s so much easier to shop without buying a lot of extras
Ants and fruit flies and gnats, oh my!
Babies, as we all know, lick anything and everything – I once stuck my tongue in a light socket because I liked that bit of “ZIP!” that came with it; and look how I turned out. So in the interest of your babies, don’t let them turn out like me, and clean that fridge. Meat juice might be tasty, but who knows what side-effects there are?
AND LASTLY, BECAUSE OF WHO I AM and most people are not:
I like to clean. For you horoscope-reading types, I’ve got a ton of Virgo in my charts, which means that I am super detail-oriented; and I’m a Capricorn, which you know – we work hard.
I’ve been in the United States Marines…We’re talking toothbrushes and Q-tips, here!
I ask important questions, mostly concerning what you want.

I have a dream….well, I have several, but this one in particular is that every family and single person in America, have a clean and tidy fridge. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Won’t you help me realize my dream?

By the way, this is a real ad…I just figured that I’d throw in a bit of humor to lighten up the mood a bit *smile*



The Power of Harmonious Synergy: Nate’s first, every, real-live blog!

It’s felt everywhere; and it’s lack of feeling is noticeable to those who ponder these things:

Synergy.  I think that I began to use this word back when I was exposed to it in Earth Science in Rutland High, in Rutland, Vermont.  The way it was explained to our class was this:

There are certain partnerships in nature, where the benefit is greater for both than it would be had they done their own thing.  Think…moss on a tree.

One of the dictionary.com definitions is this:


the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions…
Perhaps where this is felt the most, is when you are in a darkened theater, and your senses become overwhelmed while watching a movie.  Any one of those elements – sound, light, character, plot, music, or tone – any one of these, alone, could not do what all of them brought together in a harmonious whole, could.  There’s a particular type of movie that almost always gets me…you know the kind – inspirational – where the main actor(s) must overcome great odds to realize their dream.  One of the coolest is where someone is a lousy dancer, but they dream, night and day of being a really good one and getting their non-committal body parts to work – like how? – you got it…synergistically!
I know that the movie has had a profound effect on me, when I get goosebumps up and down my arms, and the shivers up my spine.  Sometimes a tear or two will leak out.
That’s the power of synergy.  Now, Imagine the same movie, with the lights on in the theater, and a baby crying, and the sound track skips and the characters flub their lines; but the color is great, and there’s a real sharpness to detail and the story line is amazing.  Even though a few of those things are pretty awesome – you still don’t get the same powerful rush of feeling, which can even alter your brain and body chemistry! – with just a few of those elements, do you?  Especially, when you have competing, IN-harmonious elements, like the crying of the baby and a scratchy or intermittent soundtrack.
So…3+4 does not always equal 7.  Mathematically, we’ve been taught that it certainly does.  Now, I invite you to rethink that.  Sometimes, 3+4 = 13.  The individual numbers and what they add up to aren’t nearly as important as the concept that they convey:
WARNING:  Technical stuff ahead!
Geometry will show this, as well.  1: is a point in space and time.  2: is a segment or a line created by infinite points in between the two.  3: creates the first enclosed shape – the triangle.