The Tools to Succeed

There are so many things that can be said about how to go about traveling the path of success.  I’ve read a lot on this subject, as, in the past, I have felt like a failure many times over.  It’s my belief, actually, that those who suffer in the beginning have the best chance of becoming a phenomenal success; and that is because, so much failure early on, sets the stage for an all-encompassing desire to go in the opposite direction.

So, for the first tool of success, I would have to say that you must start with a healthy desire to do so.  Without that desire you won’t call forth enough of the other elements to achieve your dream.  Now, when I first read about desire, I was like, “Ok…that’s obvious dummy.  If I don’t want to; then I won’t….duhhhh!!!”  Well, after having experience my fickle mind and determination in the past, and then the opposite, I’m here to say that it goes much deeper than that.

That desire must push you.  Yes, it must cause you to act in accordance with it.  Not that action is the end-all-be-all; but your actions must come into alignment with your desire.  The problem for most of us as that we have competing desires.  One desire might be to eat that piece of chocolate cake or a whole bag of potato chips.  Another desire might be to become super healthy.  The desire to eat is a lesser desire.  Well, let me clarify that:  It SHOULD be your lesser desire.  To have a powerful desire, it must master other competing desires.  There are many ways to do this; but one of them is to simply focus most of your time on that MASTER DESIRE.

It’s not just a simple matter of prioritizing it:  Although that is certainly helpful; it is a matter of so saturating your everyday thoughts with this desire, that you begin to see evidence of it everywhere, and that evidence begins to seem magical and excites you.  To do this, I have promised myself that I would spend at least five minutes a day imagining what I want in the best detail that I can.  At first, the desire can be very fuzzy.  Over time, though, you begin to add elements you hadn’t thought of.  And as this desire become more and more clear in your mind….your heart begins to pick up the image and add more and more emotion to the pictures and thoughts which you have taken the effort to form.

Anyone who tells you this is easy, probably has not spent much time doing it.  But if it were so easy, then there would be no need for anyone to guide us into making it a reality for us.

Let me repeat…this exercise, at first, depending on how much work you’ve done on yourself, in the past, will not be easy.  Be very sure that this is absolutely, 100% work.  It is mental and emotional work; but work nonetheless.  Eventually, you will have created such a white-hot desire, or such a consistently nagging desire, that your actions will begin to reflect the force that this imaged desire has on your being.  If you continue on with this process, you will manifest your desire; no question.


Getting Set

For right now, I’m in the process of learning to do one thing, consistently, every single day.

That one thing is to write something; even if I don’t feel like it in the least.


Today, I don’t feel like it.  But I’m working on that, too.  I’m teaching myself how to change my mood using music, light, meditation, visualization.  I guess that it’s all been said before.  Numerous books have been written on the subject from all kind of angles, but there’s room for yet another interpretation.


The hardest thing for me has been to cultivate within myself the willpower and motivation to keep going no matter how I feel.  Today, I didn’t even feel like getting out of the apartment.  I slept until it was 4:30 in the afternoon, and would have slept more.  I took a shower in the dark and did some meditation right after some progressive muscle relaxation (where I’d work my way from my feet to my skull, squeezing each part for 5 seconds and then relaxing for a breath).


I want to be able to turn this on at will.  I want drive my own bus, so to speak.  I’m tired of letting the world drive it for me.  It’s my life, and so, I will take charge.

It appears that most people have this same problem; though they don’t know it.  Something feels, somehow, off, but if ever pressed to place that feeling, all they’d be able to say is, “I dunno.  There’s just something not quite right and it bothers me.  I don’t feel fulfilled.”

I have to be able to go through this on my own and master it for myself, before I can go on to help other people with this same problem.


Any thoughts?


The Betweeners

The “Betweeners” are those people who sense, feel, see and/or move in and out of this world.  They are the wizards, warriors, martial artists, artists, musicians, shamans, and geniuses of this world.

The Betweeners are coming into their full strength in just the next few decades.


Watch for them to alter our whole planet’s way of being and knowing!