“May be offensive”: “The Power of Words and Sound”

So, I was looking up the word, “orifices”, for a the beginning chapter on a book that I’m writing. I went to dictionary.com because I that red, squiggly line kept showing up in Word, whenever I would try to type the word.

I flew up to the address bar and typed in my tried and true URL: dictionary.com. I checked the word and found that I had spelled it incorrectly, as “orfiices and orffices” – failing to include the ‘i’ after the ‘r’ and before the ‘f’, like this: “OR ‘I’ FIC ES”.

No big deal. Then I thought about another word I’ve been fascinated by: “Holes”; and I typed it in – but this time, I clicked the button for ‘THESAURUS’. Up came a whole list of synonyms.

One of these was, “Shaft”. Always being curious, I thought about the sexual or gender connotations to that word, and realized that the vulgar porn description of a man’s penis, “Shaft”, was now being used in a more feminine context, as in a mining shaft, or a hollowed out place in a mountain.

What’s curious about this, is that we can use one word, and by the way that we choose to use it…can convey a hole, or receptive noun; or we can can use it to mean a protuberance or an active verb. And there are combinations of the two. But isn’t it interesting that one word can have almost opposite meaning, by the way that it is situated in a sentence?

Ever since a child in grade school, I have held a fascination with words and their interplay.

The bible speaks of the WORD or LOGOS. The Sumerian’s language actually was designed so that the WORD or the sound of a word was that word. In essence, the vibration of a particular word, (especially its vowels), would create an energetic effect. If you put those words together in the right order, at the right varying pitch, and could get them to resonate at the right speed; then you could manipulate physical reality by a small degree or on a small scale. If you, then, took multiple people and did the same thing, but all together, as one – you could potentially magnify those effects a thousand-fold or more and would begin to see changes on a macro scale, or that of every-day life.

It is my belief that sound sits in the middle of the spiritual and material realms; and is the bridge by which one transforms into the other.

That is the power one can have when they pay attention to words.

David Lee Madison, Jr
DaveorNate ~ZenNinja ~Nate Love
Copied from Word at my apartment in Boulder, CO
Saturday, November 30, 2013 18:40