“Like a Moth to a Flame”

(There’s a spiritual or metaphysical experience I had, when about the age of five, which lead to this poem.)

Yoga what you’re going to get in, too, when, you rock like that……..

There’s a moon, son, to choose from, all orange and on fire………

Other than, some damn, lifeless, half-hearted cries……..yet share

this romance – a chocolate dance, runnin’ white and creamy down her thighs……

Sex never felt like this……an unspoken wish, trance-like gift! – so aware……….

Whatever happened to the long, slow breath, a silken web as she tries?……..

To mend a tear, ripping down that cheek, so wise……..

I hear her callin’ my name, like a moth to a flame, my eyes glazed

What chance do I have, when the flames lick like that?

I’m just a babe, taking what’s mine…….

Comment or leave your own story…thanks ;>

David Lee Madison, Jr.

~Nate – street name ,

~KnavetheMage on Twitter


~Nate Love


WordPress – Synergy, KnavetheMage, suprememasterjedi

Copied from my WORD documents in Boulder, CO

Saturday, December 7, 20138:02

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